When Drew and Jonathan Scott bought their family compound, its backyard was nothing more than a half-acre of dirt. So, the pair — who are known through their popular HGTV renovation show called Property Brothers — did what they do best: they fully upgraded it.

Because of their TV show, the Scott brothers, who are identical twins, are often on the road. But whenever they are in town they stay at the compound. It also a place where both their family and friends stay, and it is further a place that is a veritable showcase of the latest in smart home technology.

While providing a recent tour of the home, Jonathan Scott stopped in front of the living room cabinet, which includes a tower containing both home monitoring equipment and multimedia. He says that, when the two brothers bought the property, it was a “dumb house.” He calls it that because he says that, at the time, the house had no smart technology whatsoever. But now, he says, the two brothers can control all aspects of the house, from lights to sound, from any place they happen to be in the world.

In 2011, the twin celebrities purchased the house. They wanted to use it as a showcase of everything that interests them. This includes not only smart technology but also green technology as well.

If you were wondering about that half-acre of dirt that was their backyard, it is now unrecognizable. Today, it has a pool with a water slide as well as a hot tub. What’s more, the two brothers installed a drop-down TV projector, which projects across the water and onto a 15′ screen.

Drew Scott says that the setup is perfect for watching football games while soaking in the hot tub. He further says that this is something that everyone likes.

Because of their focus on being green, the two brothers put artificial turf in the backyard instead of grass. This not only saves water, but they also do not have to worry about the in the area causing an ugly brown lawn. To keep the surface of the turf cool, the brothers further placed polymer covered sand granules under the turf. These granules both absorb moisture and then evaporate it over time, which creates the cooling effect.

As for electricity, the brothers installed solar panels on the roof. Jonathan says that there are enough of them there to offset all their electricity costs especially for the AC unit during the summer.

This does not mean that the entire home is high tech. By the front entrance, the brothers showcase their impressive collection of medieval weapons and armor. This collection represents their lifelong passion for all things from the Middle Ages, and it includes full-body armor, maces, halberds, pikes and shields. They even have an immense broadsword on display in their two-story living room.

There is also a game room upstairs, which includes a pinball machine, a pool table, a wet bar and an arcade system that has a Property Brothers theme.