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Las Vegas Colocation
The Switch colocation campus in Las Vegas is a state of the art data center that keeps your servers and equipment protected at all times. The colocation facility delivers top-quality security, around the clock monitoring, and technical support for a wide range of clients. Flexible bandwidth and storage options are also available to ensure that you receive the best services while keeping your valuable assets safe and secure.

What is a Colocation Facility?
Colocation involves the process of moving a server to a secure data center that contains the optimal amount of power and bandwidth solutions. A colocation server is installed, configured, and stored within a server rack at the hosting facility. Once the installation process is complete, the servers’ owners can easily maintain the server remotely.

Who Benefits from Colocation Services?
A colocation hosting facility is an excellent option for companies that are continually dealing with server overload and do not have access to adequate bandwidth resources. You will also have the peace of mind to know that your equipment and data is well-protected and much more secure compared to traditional website hosting. Colocation services are an affordable option that will increase productivity in the workplace and maximize data security.

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The Network Operations Center (NOC) is located inside a vault for maximum protection. The includes an emergency backup generator, climate control systems, and thick steel walls for unmatched security. Servers and equipment within the data center also include redundant power supplies, biometric access control, video surveillance, and a non-liquid flame extinguishing system. The video surveillance system covers the entire perimeter of the building and also includes a video archive of the past six months. A security guard is also on-site, as keeping your data safe is a top priority.

Around the Clock Technical Support
The colocation facility in Las Vegas is monitored by network professionals to maximize uptime and ensure that everything is working at an optimal level. The automated monitoring services keep a log of each IP address within the system and automatically alerts a network specialist with any potential problems. The support staff at the colocation facility will immediately investigate any potential issues and begin working on a solution. You can also reach out to these network professionals at any time if you have questions or concerns.

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Reducing downtime for your business and keeping all of your data safe and secure is essential in today’s age of cyber threats. Any amount of downtime can devastate any business. However, a colocation facility plays an important role in network security while maximizing storage space for your company. Flexible bandwidth options, around the clock technical support, and maximum security are just a few of the many advantages of using a colocation facility.

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